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We still work where the first bakery in Jesolo’s old town centre was founded. Our history dates back to over a century ago, with secrets and experience passed on from generation to generation, updated with passion, to better ourselves each day.


And our top ingredient is precisely that - the passion that goes into the things we do.
Passion for good and real foods, that release the flavour of the excellent raw materials and complement each other. 
Passion for things done properly, that motivates us to choose the best tools and the best processing, cooking and storage techniques.
Passion for what is good for us, through respect for natural lengthy leavening times.
Passion of those who jump out of bed every day before dawn to see their dough rising.


The most precious tool for us is our hands. We respect the slow natural leavening and resting times of our doughs. We are inspired by tradition but have an insatiable desire to update our processing, baking and storage techniques.


Our bakery reflects this philosophy - the kneading machine is modern but it works slowly, without stressing the dough, the oven guarantees even cooking, with the right balance of moisture and crunch, the fridges and display cases offer absolutely freshly made products, in terms of flavour and aroma. So that our customers always get the best.


We only work the very best raw materials with our hands.


Our motto is utmost care in the choice of ingredients: constant attention which translates into flavours that are naturally good and healthy. No colourings, additives, artificial flavourings or preservatives.
We use whole meal flour, unrefined and rich in bran, grown in organic farms in Italy and stoneground, a process that allows the highest nutritional values and organoleptic qualities of the wheat to be maintained.


Utmost care in the choice of ingredients, hand processing and respect for natural leavening times with our pure MP sourdough starter.

We are the heirs of a long-standing bread-making tradition. Daily bread continues to be the main product we offer our customers. And it is through our quest for excellent bread that we have become experts in the art of leavening. The great leavened products and traditional sweet and savoury baked items reflect these origins the best. 
The bakery world in all its expressions has incited our passion so much that our product range has now become even wider, from biscuits to fresh pastries, semi-freddo desserts to chocolate, even reaching decorated cakes for special occasions.