A bit of history | Pasticceria Mauro Pinel





In 1894 the first bakery was founded in Jesolo, in the same building as where our bakery, Panificio Pasticceria Pinel, is now located. 
In the 1970s the original bakery was bought by Mr Finotto, the father of Monica, now Mrs Pinel.
The whole family worked there, the parents in the bakery itself and the three daughters at the counter, all concentrating on traditional bread, to be made by hand, helped only by a small kneading machine.


A dream come true


At the beginning of the 1990s Mauro Pinel, who was then the secretary of the company, decided to follow his dream - while the shop was closed he shadowed Mr Finotto and learnt the art of bread-making. 
His daily practice was supported by the first professional pastry and bread-making courses with sourdough starter. After a few months, Mauro Pinel’s first focaccias began to rise.
Two years later a room became available in the building where the bakery stood. It was 1993 and Mauro Pinel’s small patisserie was born, with a dedicated oven. So a night-time adventure began, made up of patient doughs and delicate aromas to accompany the town as it was waking up.


Professional growth


Over the following years, training become increasingly important with professional events at Cast Alimenti in Brescia, fifteen years of courses at Molino Quaglia and then Richemont Club School and Felchlin Chocolat, both in Switzerland. So, Mauro Pinel started to make a name for himself and began to win awards. 


Awards and new projects


In 2010 he won first place in the Italian Bread and Pastry Making Championship and the following year won the “Mondial Du Pain” award.
Since 2012 he has been teaching bread-making at the “Elena Cornaro” hotel and catering school in Jesolo.
He has been contacted by Rai, Rete 4, Antenna 3 and TL7 France as a consultant and has appeared in important publications and industry journals.
Since 2014 the figure of Mauro Pinel has been included in the “Eccellenze Italiane” classification.
In 2016 important recognition also came from the Veneto Region, which granted the “Forno di Qualità” mark.
In 2015, Mauro’s eldest daughter, Giulia, also joined the production department, specializing in decorations and continuing to create history.