Bread and Savoury Products | Pasticceria Mauro Pinel


Our bread unites the tradition of over a century with very current attention to processing techniques and top quality raw materials.


Everything begins by mixing organic wholemeal flour, water, iodized salt and extra virgin olive oil with our pure MP sourdough starter. Then we add the most important ingredient: time. 
Our dough is left to rise naturally until it has reached the right maturation.
Before baking it, we model it, giving it all the shapes that we then find in our baskets.
We bake it with utmost care, maintaining the right balance between moisture and crunch.
Therefore, every day we bring tasty and easily digestible bread to the table with its wheat aroma. 
It is free from preservatives but lasts a long time as sourdough starter with the right maturation gives products a longer shelf life.


Our crunchy savoury products require the same care. 
They are real handmade products from start to finish.


Again, in this case, we really let our imaginations run wild using all sorts of flours from wholemeal, unrefined and rich in bran, to corn, rice and buckwheat flours, which are easy to digest but do not lend themselves as well to leavening, therefore perfect for breadsticks and pastries. 
As always, we follow natural methods in order to extend the shelf life of our product, e.g. by using rice oil in the dough or brushed onto the surface.
Before baking, we roll them out and shape them by hand, one by one, just like in the olden days.
They are then baked and toasted to make them crunchier for longer. And finally, once cool, they are packaged by hand. A true hand-made product from start to finish.

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3,60 €