Cake Design | Pasticceria Mauro Pinel


Nothing is missing at our bakery... Thanks to Giulia, our expert cake decorator, we make cakes for special occasions, that can be personalized on request so that every event is unique.


Cake design isn’t just a trend for us, but a great opportunity to experiment with the art of cake decoration, exalting the full flavour and quality of the raw materials.
The base of our decorated cakes is our filled sponge, made with the same top quality ingredients that we use for all our products.
We choose stoneground organic flour for the mix, which preserves all the nutritional value and flavours of the wheat, and fresh yellow yolk eggs from local farms without GMOs.
Our fillings can also be personalized. We can use 3-chocolate crunchy pearls, layers of really fresh fruit or other ingredients on request. In the decoration we focus not only on the aesthetic appearance, but also the taste, which must create a harmonious blend with the mix. So, we roll out really thin layers of almond paste, with a more delicate flavour, to ice the cakes, and classic sugar paste to make characters or small decorations.

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