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Chocolate doesn’t have any seasons for us. As well as our decorated Easter eggs, we offer a large range of characters both at Christmas and Easter, and our pralines all year round.  We also use chocolate as an ingredient in many other sweet recipes.


In our quest for excellence, we have chosen Valrhoma as our partner, the only company from whom we buy the basic ingredient for making all our chocolates. Valrhona is the actual owner of the cacao crop plantations, therefore it guarantees maximum product quality throughout the whole life cycle and conserves the characteristic aroma of the cacao varieties.
We then add different ingredients to the basic blends, all chosen with utmost care, such as the PGI Piedmont hazelnuts or Sicilian orange and lemon candied by hand without the addition of sulphur dioxide.
All our chocolate products are processed using cutting edge technologies guided by expert hands, starting from the mixing of the ingredients, right up to the cooling and shaping of the melted chocolate mass. 
And it is in this final step that the art of decoration of our chocolate makers comes to fruition. And it is precisely thanks to their handiwork that all our characters and eggs are unique and customizable on request.
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