The Duck of Jesolo | Pasticceria Mauro Pinel


Our history is connected in a double thread to the history of Jesolo - we still work where the first bakery was founded in the old town centre. 


In the 1950s Jesolo was a booming tourist location that chose a life belt with a duck’s head as its logo, indicating the family nature of our beach. In our bakery, that old logo has become a biscuit - a sweet souvenir of Jesolo to give as a gift to someone or to take home.


Naturally we prepare our “Duck” with the same care that goes into our biscuits.


Every biscuit is cut, decorated and packaged by hand. We follow an ancient Venetian recipe with a modern touch, using the same top quality ingredients that we choose for all our doughs. From stoneground organic flour, that preserves the full nutritional value and flavours of the wheat, to the fresh eggs from local farms without GMOs, and the centrifuged dairy butter, that provides a delicate milky aroma.
No colourings, additives, artificial flavourings or preservatives.