Large Leavened Sweet Breads | Pasticceria Mauro Pinel


These large sweet breads are the hobby-horse of anyone who - like us - only leavens doughs with pure sourdough starter. No colourings, additives, artificial flavourings or preservatives.


Our sourdough starter is a living organism, populated by cells that make the dough ferment if they are constantly fed and refreshed every day. For over 30 years we have been taking care of the original mass of sourdough starter created by Mauro Pinel, with which we grow our bread and large sweet breads.
We like these sweets so much that they stimulate our creative whim - alongside the classic versions we offer many new interpretations.
As for all our products, we choose fresh, top quality raw materials: stoneground flour from organic farming in Italy, fresh free-range yellow yolk eggs, centrifuged butter from Normandy, Madagascar vanilla beans, Sicilian citrus fruits candied by hand without the addition of sulphur dioxide... just to name a few. 


Then we add the most important ingredient: time.

These sweets are the result of a kneading the dough twice and then performing two natural leavening processes with sourdough starter, for a total of 36 hours’ processing.
It is only by doing this that we can be certain of their extraordinary lightness and digestibility.
Without forgetting the fact that sourdough starter that reaches the right maturation also guarantees a longer product shelf life.