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Panettone with pearls of chocolate

It’s not called the king of leavened cakes for nothing - panettone is the most superior sweet bread made by natural leavening. In our panettone range, we exclusively use the pure MP sourdough starter originally created by Mauro Pinel.
We love panettone so much that every year we celebrate the arrival of Christmas with a new flavour. In the version with pearls of chocolate we have replaced the sultanas and candied citrus fruits of the traditional recipe with small dark chocolate balls, which withstand baking but then literally melt in your mouth. It is the most gluttonous product in our panettone range and so popular that it has become a “new classic”.

In production:
Since October 15 to January 15.

1 kg.

Soft wheat flour “0”, ancient pure MP sourdough starter, butter, fresh egg yolk, water, sugar, orange honey, pearls of dark chocolate 55%, unwaxed grated orange zest, unwaxed grated lemon zest, iodized salt, vanilla beans, malt.

Nutritional values:
per 100 g 

1810,9 Kj
433,9 Kcal
of which saturates
26,4 gr.
15,4 gr.
of which sugars
44,8 gr.
18 gr.
Protein 6,6 gr.
Salt 0,1 gr

45 days
Store in a cool, dry place.

Packs per box: 

33,00 €
The cost of a delivery to foreign countries, within the EEC, starts from a minimum of 15 €.
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