Raw material | Pasticceria Mauro Pinel


We only work the very best raw materials with our hands.
Our motto is utmost care in the choice of ingredients: constant attention which translates into flavours that are naturally good and healthy. No colourings, additives, artificial flavourings or preservatives.


We use whole meal flour, unrefined and rich in bran, grown in organic farms in Italy and stoneground, a process that allows the highest nutritional values and organoleptic qualities of the wheat to be maintained.

For the natural leavening of the doughs, we use our pure MP sourdough starter
Traditional sourdough starter is a living organism, populated by cells that make the dough ferment if they are constantly fed and refreshed every day. For over 30 years we have been taking care of the original mass of sourdough starter created by Mauro Pinel.

The products leavened with sourdough starter only are left to ferment for 2 to 3 days, giving the flour all the time it needs to be transformed and become easy to digest, especially if the flour itself is good quality. This type of dough releases delicate aromatic components during baking, which we find in the flavour of our leavened products for days. This is because sourdough starter with the right maturation time also makes the product last longer, without needing to use preservatives. Also, by following the storage recommendations that we give our customers, our precious product has a long shelf life and doesn’t get wasted.

We use free range eggs from chickens fed with non-GMO feed. The eggs have yellow yolks, a full colour that is reflected in our short pastry and sweet breads.

We differentiate the use of butter. For sweetbreads we use traditional butter from Normandy, a region known for its dairy products, where the cows eat grass that is rich in precious substances. An example is beta carotene, which gives the butter an intense yellow colour, trace elements, which make it soft, and iodine, which gives it the perfumed flavour that can be found in our sweet products such as the vanilla aroma. For our short pastry and pancakes, we choose a dairy butter, still centrifuged, but which gives a lighter flavour to the mix, suitable for breakfast every day.

We use chocolate, not only in our pralines, but also in many other sweet recipes. In our quest for excellence, we have chosen to become a partner of Valrhona, the owner of the actual crop plantations. Therefore our supplier guarantees maximum product quality throughout the whole life cycle and conserves the characteristic aroma of the cacao varieties.

These are just a handful of the raw materials that we use, without forgetting the very soft candied citrus fruit made by hand using Sicilian fruit and without adding sulphur dioxide, large and mellow Madagascar vanilla beans with an intense aroma, and monofloral honey, a noble ingredient produced by the skilful hands of Andrea Paternoster.