Semi-freddo desserts and single portions | Pasticceria Mauro Pinel


Soft and creamy, we offer our semi-freddo desserts all year round, for those who like a cold sweet but not quite as cold as ice cream.


Delicate with peach, exotic with passion fruit, creamy with three chocolates, intense with coffee, without forgetting the classic meringue - there are semi-freddo desserts for all tastes!
As always, our top ingredient is the utmost care that goes into the choice of raw materials and their processing. For our mousses, we use really fresh fruit, the excellent Valrhona cacao, obtained from the best cacao selections, Gianni Frasi Giamaica coffee, which we religiously make in a percolator... just to name a few. 
The decorations on our semi-freddo desserts are also attractive and good to eat, and all rigorously made by us, from the chocolate to the macarons!
Our semi-freddo desserts are available in different sizes: from larger ones to individual portions, particularly suitable for restaurants or important meals.
They are stored at very low temperatures, so that our customers can serve the flavour of a freshly made semi-freddo at their tables.
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